Halloween Cake in the Park Party

Friday, 31st October 2014

The Halloween Cake in the Park Party was a huge success, we had a beautiful sunny day and raised £928.54 for Antenatal Results & Choices charity and made it into the Farnborough News & Mail!!


A HUGE thank you to everyone that supported the event!


The event wouldn't have been the success it was without our Event Sponsors: -


  • Emma & Tara Kirby aka Queen Elsa & Princess Anna from Once Upon A Time Parties





  • Jared Gale The Event Magician.





  • Sainsburys, Farnborough: Kindly donated Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Bobbing Apples & Pumpkins!!




  • Mr Simms Sweet Shop, Farnborough: Kindly donated the Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar!!




  • Tescos, Aldershot: Kindly donated lots of Fairy Cakes!!!



  • Morrisions, Farnborough: Kindly donated lots of Halloween Cakes & Muffins!!





  • JanAir for the Inflatable Gazebo's and Inflatable Shoot Out.



Fancy Dress Contest Judged by Queen Elsa & Princess Anna

Click 'PLAY' to see a slideshow of the event


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