Frequently Asked Questions

Why run?


  • There are lots of reasons to get up and run:
    - Lose weight.
    - Improve health and fitness.
    - De-stress.
    - Achieve a new goal – maybe longer distance or personal best time.
    - Feel great!
    - Have fun and meet new friends!!


  • Running is recognised as one of the best sports for managing weight and aiding weight loss. Running burns around 500kcals per hour. So if you start running and eat sensibly you will see a change in shape, size and the way you feel.

  • Running is very much a mixed sport. Yet some women may benefit from starting out with other women without the competitive element of some clubs.  TB Runners is a social, non-competitive group and everyone is encouraged to work at their own level.

  • All abilities can join in together, all ages and fitness levels…look at any fun run!

What are the advantages of joining a running group?


  • Safety!

  • Meeting new friends.

  • Training guidance, motivation and fun!

Is running expensive?


  • It’s important to have good running shoes/trainers and as a woman a good sports bra.  However, once you have these, there are no other essential costs.

  • You can run anytime, anywhere for free!


What shoes do I need?


  • Running shoes/trainers are specific to running - they have 2 main functions, cushioning and support.

  • You don’t have to spend the earth, many sport shops have a good range at reasonable prices.

  • As you get the running bug and start increasing your mileage, it is a good idea to go to a specialised running shop like Sweat Shop (nearest Sweat Shop to Farnborough is in Woking). The trained staff will analyse your ‘gait’ (the way that you run) and they will recommend the best type of running shoe for you. Tell them you are a member of TB Runners Run Group and you will be given 10% discount off all full price merchandise.





What do I need to do before and after a run?


  • Warm Up: Depending on your fitness level, walk briskly or jog gently for 5 minutes to increase your heart rate and body temperature, preparing your body for exercise. 

  • Cool Down: After your run it’s important to cool down to reduce your heart rate by gradually slowing down your pace.  Cool down for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  • Stretch: It’s important to stretch the main muscles you used in your session to minimise post exercise muscle soreness and help prevent injury.  Basic stretches will be demonstrated at the end of each session.

  • You need to eat to run: Regular meals based around good carbohydrate foods for energy are essential i.e. pasta, rice, potato, bread, fruit and vegetables.

  • Protein foods are also essential for repairing muscles i.e. chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, nuts and lentils.

  • To avoid a stitch it’s best to avoid eating about 1-2 hours before your run.

  • It’s also important to drink water to keep well hydrated.



Do we run if it's raining?


  • In short, yes!  However, if it is torrential rain, which may be dangerous for us to be out in, then I will cancel the session giving you as much advanced notice as possible.

Where do we meet?

  • Go to the 'MAP' page for information on where we meet.

What do I need to bring with me?


  • Bottle of water.

  • Tissue/Hanky – if you are anything like me, when I run my nose runs too!!

  • On the first session, please bring with you your completed TB Runners PAR-Q form which you can download from the Contact Me page.

  • Most people tend to leave their car keys locked in my car so you don't need to worry about carrying them.

Are there any toilets on the Farnborough Business Park?


  • There are toilets in the Village Hotel and The Gloster Pub on the Business Park.

  • To avoid needing the toilet whilst we are running, I recommend staying well hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and limit the amount you drink about 1 hour before the session start time – just sip water if you need too.  Go to the toilet before you leave and you should be fine.  I am the world’s worst for needing the toilet all the time but this normally works for me!


How much does is cost?



What should I do if I can't make a session?


  • If possible, please e-mail, call or text me so I know not to wait for you – see my Contact Details page for more information.

  • Don’t worry if you can’t make a session – come as often as you can!

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