Jogging with a Sprinkling of Speed Work

Last night TB Runners enjoyed a 'Speed Work' session around the Farnborough Business Park!

After a warm-up we did 1 minute intervals of 'normal pace' followed by a minute of 'faster than normal pace' - during the faster runs everyone put in 100% effort, focused and did a fantastic job!! We all worked at our own pace and enjoyed getting our heart rates up!!

Why do we do speed work? In order to run faster and smoother and to increase our overall fitness we need to mix it up a bit. Chances are, you’re running over the same roads or on the same treadmill at the same pace so you are using the same muscles in the same way every time you lace up your trainers.

In order to improve your overall fitness and start shifting speeds, your metronomic muscle memory will need some new stimulation, which is where speed work comes in. Speed Work helps muscles learn to tolerate the build-up of lactic acid, a byproduct that causes fatigue and it has a greater cardiovascular training effect. It's also fun to run fast and makes you feel invicible!!!!

We finished off the session with a fun game of 'Duck, Duck, Goose' with squatting quacking ducks and some fun competitive geese!!!!

#Fun #Runners

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