10k we're ready for you!

TB Runners met as usual, all geared up ready to run a 10k. After a few costume changes - do we need jackets, vests, keys etc we were en route to our warm up. With the warm up under our belt we were good to go...oh, no hang on,another costume change - do we need jackets? Will it rain? Right girls, now we're ready? Nope, watches aren't ready! Watches are ready, let's go! Not quite Tracey wants a photo and another one and another one and a selfie!

Right, let's go! This time we do set off on our 10k run around the streets of Farnborough - we were treated to a beautiful sunset as we left Farnborough Business Park. Onward through Farnborough Town taking in the smells of Farnborough - KFC, Curry, Fish and Chips. Through Cove and into Southwood. We're half way!

Up the hill past Morrisons and down past the Virgin gym...home straight girls. The rain starts at 9pm as predicted by Michelle - maybe we did need those jackets?

Back into the business park with everybody's watches reading different times so we all ran various different amounts of laps around the business park.

10k done!! Well done ladies, fantastic achievement. Frimley 10k watch out....the TB Runners are ready for you!

#Runners #10k #Ladies #Farnborough #Frimley10k

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