Woodland Wogglers Get Race Day Ready!

TB's Pre-Race Day Top Tips!!!

1. Drink lots of water throughout the day - I try and drink around 3 litres! This ensures you are fully hydrated for race day.

2. Stretching & Foam Rolling - after a gentle warm-up (can warm your muscles in the bath or shower if you prefer!), complete a full stretch routine paying particular attention to those tight muscles! Foam roller trouble spots - OUCH, I hear you cry!!! It will be worth it. You can use a tennis ball if you don't have a roller. Remember to roll gently and when you find a sore spot just hold and let the muscle relax into the roller/ball - hold for about 10 seconds and the pain will ease then gently roll and stop again on the next sore spot - don't forget to breath!!!

3. Carb Loading - the best bit about racing!!!! To make sure your muscles are fully charged eat carbs - try to stick to clean carbs but this is definitely one day you can treat yourself to something naughty!!! Salmon pasta is my favorite pre-race dinner - yum yum!!! Do only eat foods that you are familiar with though as you don't want a dodgey tummy in the morning!

4. Lay out your kit ready - as best you can as I know I have some of your tops and we need to collect our race numbers there. Some other things to remember water, safety pins (for your race number), garmin if you have one, tissues, snacks, bug and sun cream (I'm feeling hopeful!), phone, Michelle - Selfie Stick!! If you think of anything I've missed, please share on our TB Runners group FB page.

5. Have an early night!

6. And, try to save the Prosecco until after the race!!!!

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