Group members were asked
"What do you enjoy most about TB Runners?"

Mixing with other people who were beginners and not feeling embarrassed about not being a skilled runner. Also the fun games at the end of the session”​

"Out and back runs so you don't need to worry about keeping up with everyone".



“The location of the group was great and also the numbers of the group were about right too. I enjoyed the activity/game that we did at the end of each session - I haven't run and laughed so much since I was at school!  The structure of the sessions was good as you were able to see your progress each week.”​


“Building up the pace each week to achieve a good amount of continuous running by the end of the course. Also, great to meet so many lovely people - always a great atmosphere to the group.”​


“The friendly atmosphere and variety of tasks.”​

“Having to commit to something - making me exercise!”​


“Feeling like I was making an effort to get fit.”​



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